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Calling all JNF social-media superstars!

This Israeli firefighter just got a much-needed new tool belt. Hopefully he can pry it away from his daughter. #LoveGrowsInIsrael #JNF 
You just read about a JNF-sponsored field trip for Israeli children touched by war, and you want to share the story on Facebook. Or you're in Israel on a JNF mission and visited a site you think the world should know about. What's the best way to share JNF experiences and impressions on your social-media platform of choice? Here are a few tips to keep in mind, JNF social-media superstars.

** Visual posts get 50 percent more attention than non-visual posts. But don't use just any photos. Skip the dark, blurry pictures of people staring into the camera, and opt for high-quality clear and crisp shots, ideally that show action of some kind.   

** Use words economically to tell the world why you're sharing something. Did it surprise you? Inspire you? Educate you? Does it tie into a bigger story? 

** Don't forget the "social" in social media! Tag relevant people and projects and let others know you noticed their posts by liking and sharing them, and commenting on them.

** JNF hashtags are your friend. Use #LoveGrowsInIsrael #JNF to tell stories of people involved with or impacted by JNF. Use #PoweredByJNF to share project details.

** With the above points in mind, remember that the quality of posts matters more than the quantity of posts. 

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The Sderot Reservoir makes Israel's desert bloom. It is #PoweredByJNF