Jan 22, 2014  By Jewish National Fund  Category: Travel,

LGBT mission to Israel for Pride Parade!

For the first time ever, Jewish National Fund (JNF) is hosting a very unique mission to Israel for the LGBT community. Taking place from June 5-12, 2014, the Pride of Israel LGBT Mission will embrace the world-famous Tel Aviv Gay Pride Festival while showing participants the colorful side of Israel.

“What most people in the LGBT community don’t realize is that within this community there is still a need for support in both the Jewish community and Israel,” said Howard Bragman, Pride of Israel LGBT Mission Chair. “Participants will come away with an additional sense of pride, not only from the LGBT community, but from learning what Israel has to offer."
Tel Aviv has become one of the most popular gay destinations in the world, and the Gay Pride Parade has placed the city firmly on the map. The annual summer event sees over 100,000 revelers take to the streets to celebrate. Tel Aviv plays host to several events throughout the year that target the gay and lesbian market, including film, art and culture festivals. The city has fast become a popular holiday destination for the LGBT community, with an array of nightclubs, beautiful beaches and terrific weather year-round.
“This mission is open to anyone -- men, women, young or old,” said Bragman. “It will be an eclectic group made up of participants coming from different cultures, which will make this unique trip even more an opportunity of a lifetime.”
For more information please contact Lou Rosenberg at lrosenberg@jnf.orgor 323.964.1400