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Olive harvests and Templar tunnels: Unusual ways to celebrate Sukkot

Aleh Negev is welcoming guests to its sukkah. 

What better way to celebrate the holiday of Sukkot than to visit special sites in Israel? From agricultural expos to wheelchair-accessible hiking trails, the Jewish National Fund has lots of ideas for fun and unusual ways to celebrate during this festive time of year. 

For registration information or inquires on any of the events below, please call 02-563-5638.


Join the Sukkot celebration on Friday, September 25, at Aleh Negev - Nahalat Eran. Family, staff, donors, supporters, and residents of the rehabilitative community for the disabled will celebrate together in the Sukkah. We'll also have a Beit Hashoeva (water-drawing) celebration on September 29 -- a great party. Come be our "ushpizin" (guest)! Location: near Ofakim (1.5 hours from Jerusalem).


The JNF-KKL community and agriculture festival 


• Take part in a Galilee community and agricultural festival, dubbed "Milan Expo" for the international expo taking place in Italy, in the Hula Agmon region of the Galilee. The festival, the first of its kind in Israel, will showcase Israel's agricultural innovations and technology under the motto "Feed the World." Days of operation are August 29 - October 1. Location: near the town of Hula (two hours from Haifa). 

Olives in Sataf. 
• Enjoy the beautiful scenery in the small Galilee town of Ein Camonim, located between Rosh Pina and Karmiel, during its annual olive harvest. Watch and participate in the annual olive harvest and enjoy the delicious local cheeses the region is known for. Events run from September 30 - October 1. Location: near the community of Ein Camonim (40 minutes from Tiberias). 

LOTEM - Making Nature Accessible. 
• Family-fun activities will be taking place in the picturesque Emek HaShalom (Valley of Peace), located just outside the city of Yokneam. Join LOTEM-Making Nature Accessible for an unforgettable nature outing and connect to the land of Israel with all your senses. Join a festive end-of-summer grape harvest in the only wheelchair-accessible wine press known in the world, make perfume from hand-picked herbs in the sensory garden, and take a stroll on Israel’s first fully inclusive hiking trail. Location: just north of Yokinam (30 minutes from Haifa). 



• Learn the story of Gush Etzion, from its early beginnings to its fall during the War of Independence, and its subsequent rebirth. The Kfar Etzion Sound and Light Show and Museum features a sound and light show and a memorial to the heroic defenders of the southern gateway to Jerusalem. In the words of David Ben-Gurion when he declared the establishment of the State of Israel: "If Jewish Jerusalem exists…it is first and foremost due to the fighters and settlers of Gush Etzion." The site is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Location: South of Jerusalem. 

Gush Etzion, a site key to the War of Independence. 

• Take part in any or all of the interactive events taking place at Ammunition Hill, the historic site of the battle for the reunification of Jerusalem. The Hill is open for visitors September 29 and October 1 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Friday October 2 from 9 a.m. to noon. Location: in central Jerusalem. 

Exploring the trenches at Ammunition Hill. 
Events include: 
- 3D audio and visual model, "The Battle for Jerusalem" (runs every 30 minutes)
- An exciting interactive guided tour of the battle site and brand new Commemoration Hall (by reservation)
- Adventure complex, including zip-line, rope, and height course, under the supervision of licensed and experienced professionals
- Extreme-sport instructors (ages 5 and up)
- Arts and crafts holiday workshop for kids 
- The underground Six Day War Heritage Museum
- The new Jerusalem Garden, with seating and picnic areas, a place for family gatherings with play areas for kids 
- A sukkah will also be available 


Tel Aviv

Experience the rich history of a former Templar colony in the heart of Tel Aviv at Sarona. This historical site, which has undergone preservation and renovations by JNF in partnership with the Society for Preservation of Israel Heritage Sites (SPIHS), includes restored Templar homes, walking tours, tours of Templar tunnels, a childrens' workshop, and an English pub. Enjoy Sarona this Sukkot from September 29-October 3. 

For more information or to make reservations, please call 03-604-9634 or email Location: central Tel Aviv, near the Kirya military base.