Commemorate 9/11 With Jewish National Fund-USA

Memorial group photo

Jewish National Fund-USA's Israel Advocacy and Education department invites educators from across the U.S. to join us this year, 20 years later, on 9/11 to honor your local heroes. Your school has the opportunity to participate in a beautiful ceremony where your students will learn about 9/11 in a safe and meaningful way. We will invite your communities’ local firefighters to be part of the event and speak to the kids about their role in keeping their community safe.

In addition, we will present your local heroes with a beautiful plaque commemorating 9/11 and JNF-USA’s 9/11 Living Memorial in Jerusalem, Israel. This memorial is the only commemorative site of its type outside of the U.S. that lists all the names of those who perished on 9/11, because Israel understands terrorism and stands with the U.S.


Example of Plaque



More Information

Daniel Friedman, Director, Community Engagement, Israel Advocacy and Education

[email protected] or 323.964.1400 x956