Celebrate 50 Years since the Reunification of Jerusalem

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50 years

We are so excited to share Jewish National Fund’s Jerusalem at 50 Educational Program. This year marks 50 years since the Paratrooper’s Brigade of the Israeli Defense Forces recaptured the Old City of Jerusalem!

We have built a program designed to connect your students to the many facets of Jerusalem as a diverse, multicultural city filled with Jewish History.

Dear Educators-
In 1967 following the famous Battle at Ammunition Hill, the 55th Paratrooper Brigade was given the challenge of liberating the Old City of Jerusalem. They zig-zagged through the narrow alleys of the Old City, hiding from sniper fire, and coordinating attack plans. It was a race to the heart of the city, to return after 19 years to the Western Wall.
Surprisingly, along the way, the soldiers had to pause and ask the locals for direction. It had been so long since Jewish people had been allowed to visit the Western Wall that they had forgotten where it was!

To reenact this experience we have created a scavenger hunt for your students. We suggest spreading out the stations to encourage the feeling of racing and hunting for each activity.

Each station was designed to take 5-8 minutes. Alternatively, each program can easily be downloaded individually and used as a lesson plan in a classroom. The stations focus on different elements of Jerusalem and Israel, touching on the story of being lost in the Old City of Jerusalem and searching for the goal.

There is a link to a special video made by the team at Ammunition Hill about the 6 Day War and the importance of the Battle for Jerusalem, as well as many other resources at your disposal.

As always, your JNF Education team is here to help however we can.
Wishing you a meaningful and celebratory Yom Yerushalyim!

Click here to download activities

Station 1 – Social Barometer
Station 2 – Are We in Israel or the United States?
Station 3 – Letter Writing to the Kotel
Station 4 – Hadag Nachash’s Famous Sticker Song Matching
Station 5 – Where Am I in Jerusalem’s Old City
Station 6 – The Many Flags of Jerusalem

To play exclusive footage from Ammunition Hill’s Museum, click here.

Six Day War- Short Film Series

Jerusalem U, a JNF Partner organization, has created a short video series on the Six Day War bringing this piece of history to life. Using archival footage and newspaper headlines from the J Post, they have created a free series of short videos that will take you back in time to that fateful summer...

To get the exclusive first look at the project that’s been 50 years in the making, click  here.

Please be in touch with your local Jewish National Fund Israel Program and Admission Directors if you have any questions, we are a friendly group and would love to hear from you!

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