Israel’s Top Five Eco-Destinations



In celebration of Tu BiShvat, the “Original Earth Day,” Jewish people around the world recognize the occasion with acts of environmentalism and tree planting. At Jewish National Fund-USA, the organization is even giving supporters a chance to win two roundtrip tickets to Israel with EL AL when they plant a tree at


However, it’s not just tree planting that has people excited. With 2.68 million tourists visiting Israel in 2022 (compared to 397,000 in 2021), a growing number of visitors are seeking out the Jewish homeland’s ‘greener’ destinations. Here are our top five eco-destinations to visit in Israel this Tu BiShvat!


#1 Flowers are blooming in the Western Galilee

Have you ever heard of Winflowers, Egyptian Honesty, or Wild Peony? If not, you’ll want to check out Jewish National Fund-USA’s Western Galilee Now Association for a complete guide on what flowers are blooming throughout the country’s north. They also have outstanding recommendations for restaurants and cafes in each area.



#2 Timna National Park

Timna Park is about 15 miles north of Eilat in Israel’s Negev Desert. One of the most prominent attractions in Israel’s south, the park, set in a beautifully majestic desert setting, has an enthralling history and geology and several unexpected activities, including those on the lake (yes, a lake in the desert!). Timna Park covers about 15,000 acres in a horseshoe-shaped valley surrounded by breathtaking cliffs, with Mount Timna, the world’s first-ever copper mine, standing tall in the center.



#3 Betzet Stream Trail

The Betzet Stream trail is a beautiful and relatively accessible route of about 3 km. The trail, located beside a stream, takes you along a path lined by native trees and flowers. Surrounded by imposing plane trees and oleander bushes, the experience will make you feel at one with nature.



#4 Valley of Peace

Looking for something fun in the great outdoors that people of all abilities can do? Look no further. LOTEM’s Emek Hashalom (“Valley of Peace”) Park specializes in creating enjoyable experiences for everyone, including individuals with disabilities. Featuring sensory workshops where children of all abilities can participate in hands-on nature education, LOTEM is truly making Israel accessible.



#5 Plant a tree in person

Jewish National Fund-USA invites you to plant a tree with your own hands in the soil of Israel at the Harvey Hertz-JNF Ceremonial Tree Planting Center at Neot Kedumim, the world’s only biblical landscape reserve. Located just ten minutes from Ben-Gurion Airport and 20 minutes from Jerusalem, the Ceremonial Tree Planting Center offers visitors the opportunity to plant saplings that will later be transferred to sites in the reserve where they are needed most.



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