Young Philanthropists in Chicago Celebrate First-Ever JNFuture Windy City Soirée


CHICAGO, Ill., August 1, 2022 — Nicknamed the “White City” because of its popular Bauhaus-style white buildings, Tel Aviv’s residents celebrate one of the most anticipated cultural nights of the year during its annual White Night (Laila Lavan in Hebrew) — with thousands dressing in white and staying up all night at parties, concerts, and events taking place throughout the city. Recently, more than 100 of Chicago’s Israel-loving young philanthropists enjoyed a Laila Lavan of their own as they adorned their finest white attire and celebrated the land and people of Israel with Jewish National Fund-USA at its inaugural JNFuture Windy City Soirée.


Devin Taylor, Elana Lipman, Amanda Feder, Nate Ruben, Yari Rahmanim, Josh Gibbs

Members of the JNFuture Illinois Board: Devin Taylor, Elana Lipman, Amanda Feder, Nate Ruben, Yari R, Josh Gibbs


Young professionals between the ages of 22-40 attended Jewish National Fund-USA’s first annual signature event in Chicago at Ignite Glass Studios, a chic award-winning art gallery. The gathering also featured professional networking, a VIP cocktail reception for the organization’s Root Society donors, and a “JNF 101” crash course that introduced attendees to Jewish National Fund-USA’s visionary philanthropic work that is attracting 800,000 residents to the country’s Negev and Galilee regions. The event also highlighted Jewish National Fund-USA’s projects that support individuals with disabilities, water, and sustainability.


“When I moved to Chicago this past November, I immediately started searching for a community that cares about and prioritizes the prosperity of Israel the way that I do,” said Event Co-Chair Becca Goldsteen. “I hoped to find people who were committed to making a tangible difference, both locally and in Israel, and JNF-USA was the perfect way for me to do that.”


Yari Rahmanim, Event Co-Chairs Jess Goldblatt and Rebecca Goldsteen

Yari Rahmanim, President, JNFuture Illinois Board with Event Co-Chairs, Jess Goldblatt and Rebecca Goldsteen


“It was exciting to be surrounded by young professionals who, similarly to me, have been positively impacted by Israel’s diverse culture, incredible people, delicious food, rich traditions, and important history,” added Event Co-Chair Jess Goldblatt. “I feel grateful to have been to Israel seven times, and I hope to soon go on a JNF-USA mission to Israel to see first-hand the impact we’re making as a community in Chicago. It was wonderful to see that community celebrating together at our first-ever Windy City Soirée.”


Jewish National Fund-USA’s National Conference is taking place in Boston on November 4-6, 2022. The conference will feature an exclusive JNFuture event for attendees ages 22-40 and includes discounted registration pricing for those under the age of 40. Learn more at


For more information or to learn about upcoming JNFuture events, contact Melissa Asarch Wittenberg, National Director, JNFuture at or 212.879.9305 x244.


Click here to view photos from the event (photo credit Lynn Renee Photography).


Danielle Portnoy, Barbara Schiffer, Chana Kohanchi, Lilah Shrier

Danielle Portnoy, Barbara Schiffer, Chana Kohanchi, Lilah Shrier


Bonnee Morrison, Aimee Morrison

Bonnee Morrison, Aimee Morrison


Daniel Kay, Adam Seidenberg, Zachary Spellman, Kevin Rahmanim

Daniel Kay, Adam Seidenberg, Zachary Spellman, Kevin Rahmanim




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