Jewish National Fund-USA Surpasses $704 Million Mark in its Billion Dollar Campaign

Supporters continue to stand by the land and people of Israel as Jewish National Fund-USA pivots to prosper



New York, NY - August 12, 2020: As Jewish National Fund-USA marks the seventh year of its Billion Dollar Roadmap for the Next Decade campaign, the organization has surpassed $704 million and is on track to meet its billion-dollar target in support of the land and people of Israel. The ambitious financial goal is underscored by a strategic vision of community building in Israel’s north and south, connecting our next generation to Israel, and developing infrastructure for ecology, special needs, and heritage preservation. 


JNF-USA supports agriculture in Israel

JNF-USA supports agriculture communities in Halutza


“We are well on our way to meeting the goal of the Billion Dollar Roadmap for the Next Decade thanks to our loyal Jewish National Fund-USA donors, whom we call ‘partners,’ because we are in this together,” said Jewish National Fund-USA National President Dr. Sol Lizerbram. “Jewish National Fund-USA has a proven track record of delivering results and meeting the needs of Israelis, and that resonates with people who want to see their philanthropic investments come to fruition.” 


Building new playgrounds

Families enjoy new playgrounds in Israel's south


Jewish National Fund-USA’s partners have played a crucial role supporting Be'er Sheva's rapid economic development. Thanks to their generosity, Jewish National Fund-USA has completed dozens of infrastructure, ecological, tourism, and business development projects in the “capital of the Negev” including the Ronald S. Lauder Employment Center, the Be’er Sheva Seven-Mile Riverwalk and 29-Acre Lake, and the 13,000-seat Grossman Amphitheater – all in support of Jewish National Fund-USA's strategic vision of attracting 500,000 new residents to Be'er Sheva and the Negev.


Housing Development Fund

JNF-USA's Housing Development Fund is supporting new communities


As housing prices continue to increase in Israel’s central cities, Jewish National Fund-USA’s Housing Development Fund has been responsible for 1,338 new housing sites in the Negev and Galilee, with $18 million committed toward future developments. The organization has also funded five fire stations, purchased 200 fire trucks and 15 fire wagons, and other life-saving equipment – ensuring those living outside of Israel’s big cities have access to life-saving services for first responders.


JNF supports fire and resuce

JNF supports Israel's brave firefighters


In Israel's lush north, Jewish National Fund-USA continues to change the narrative of the region. To attract 300,000 new residents to the Galilee, the organization has invested in impactful job creation and economic development initiatives. For example, the Jewish National Fund Tourist Information Center in Akko has brought together the region’s tour operators, small businesses, and regional attractions, enabling them to work in unison to bring more tourists and more dollars to Israel’s north. In a time when people can’t get on a plane and visit Israel, Jewish National Fund-USA launched the Online Mitzvah Marketplace to support local Israeli artisans, food makers, and small businesses in the north as it helped them sell their products online.


Michal Shiloah presenting

Michal Shiloah Galnoor runs JNF's Western Galilee Now visitor center in Akko


“I think back to when we set out our vision for the Roadmap and I’m proud of where we are today,” said JNF-USA Chairperson of the Board Jeffrey Levine. “Our dedicated partners and affiliates in Israel work tirelessly and truly believe in the difference we are making because they see it with their own eyes daily.” 


“Unprecedented times such as we are facing now call for swift action and the ability to pivot strategically,” said Jewish National Fund-USA’s Vice President of Campaign, Ben Gutmann. “Jewish National Fund-USA does that with grace and business acumen. We continued our vital work on the ground in Israel building, developing, and planning for the future.”


Jewish National Fund-USA continues to connect the next generation to Israel through its Israel Continuum platform, sponsoring Israel advocacy and education programs from kindergarten through adulthood; engaging JNFutures, Israel supporters aged 22-40; building the $300 million Jewish National Fund-USA Israel Education and Technology Campus in Be’er Sheva, developing more water resources, planting more trees, and bringing more people on life-changing journeys home, to Israel.


JNF's High School in Israel inspires students

Students become inspired at JNF's High School in Israel


Jewish National Fund-USA has been there for the land and people of Israel for 120 years and will continue to be there on the ground, helping families and communities build better lives in the Negev and Galilee.



Media inquiries: Stefan Oberman, Jewish National Fund-USA Director of Communications. E: P: 212.879.9305 x222