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"The virtual tour was a really fun, exciting, emotional, motivating trip. It really took off beyond our wildest expectations, and we are thrilled we were able to support the licensed tour guides in Israel who have been so hard hit by the lack of tourism." --Lauren Lizerbram, JNF First Lady, San Diego, CA


"I loved this tour. I got to revisit some of my favorite places in Israel, went to places that I've always wanted to go but never had the time, and even places I've never even known about. It gave me a chance to escape to Israel every day at a time when we can't get there ourselves." --Jackie Goldstein, Atlanta, GA


"Our tour guide was a delight, talented, and extremely bright and informative. He added so much to our trip by providing his own experiences, and it was great to hear everyone share their history with Israel. We even had someone who was there in 1967 when the war broke out!" 

--Alyse Golden Berkley, Esq., Los Angeles, CA


"We really learned about the communities in the Gaza Envelope and heard from JNF’s affiliates and residents who live there. It was an eye opener. Many of us had no idea about life on the border or the agriculture and active and diverse lifestyle people in the Western Negev lead." 

--Phyllis Chancy Solomon, Marlboro, NJ


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