JNF offers a myriad of ways for college students to connect with Israel, either through our Israel trips- Birthright, Alternative Winter Break and Caravan for Democracy, our JNF Campus Fellowship, the annual JNF College Summit or our Positively Israel programs and events on campuses.
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Join other Jewish young adults ages 18-24 for a week of community service in Southern Israel with Jewish National Fund and connect to the land and people by giving back. Participation in Alternative Break is based on fundraising efforts and dollars raised go directly to JNF projects in Israel; our generous donors cover your flight and land costs.

JNF Campus Fellowship

Jewish National Fund trains and supports pro-Israel college students from across America to promote Israel as a country striving to make the world a better place through Positively Israel programming. Fellows play a crucial role in recruiting students to participate in JNF programs on college campuses. Once selected, Fellows are required to attend the Leadership Seminar in the summer, attend and recruit for Alternative Winter Break, and plan Positively Israel programming on their campuses. 


This unique 10-day, fully subsidized trip provides non-Jewish student leaders with the opportunity to explore Israel. Through meeting with political, cultural, and community leaders from diverse backgrounds and faiths, this mission highlights Israel's unique contributions to the world, its vibrant democracy and its commitment to peace in the region.


Ideal candidates are American students who hold significant leadership positions in student government, ethnic and minority groups, LGBTQA groups, women's groups, service groups, and Greek life who will be sophomores, juniors, or seniors at the time of travel. Participants are selected through a competitive application review and interview process.


College Summit, which takes place during Jewish National Fund’s National Conference, brings together 200 college students to learn about the positive work being done in Israel and teaches them the necessary skills to bring that message to life on campus. JNF’s visionary work for the land and people of Israel is showcased at this event as attendees connect with fellow students who are paving the way to ensure a healthy and secure Jewish homeland.

Don't miss this opportunity to network and hear from JNF staff and partner professionals on Positively Israel and learn skills to bring the content to life on campus.


Jewish National Fund offers a competitive academic fellowship for full-time university and college faculty members including an all-expenses-paid academic trip to Israel. 


One component of the mission is an academic exchange where each participant is introduced to, or paired with, an Israeli counterpart in their field of study. During the 12-day trip, fellows meet with professionals and experts involved in government, industry, education, media and other sectors to understand the many facets of Israel’s evolving national and international policies. 


Participants also gain a deeper awareness of the many challenges faced by the country and the creativity, spirit, and ingenuity that Israelis bring to tackling these issues. Through extensive touring and visits to historical sites in Israel, as well as exposure to Israel’s dynamic technological and scientific advancements, industry, culture, and life, participants are exposed to Israel beyond what they may know or have seen in the media and can come home to assist with Positively Israel messaging on their campuses.




Jewish National Fund offers expert speakers, celebrities, and representatives from JNF projects to present how Israel is making the world a better place. Through on-campus programming, students gain an appreciation for innovations that Israel is contributing to the planet, thus fortifying them with positive facts about this small desert nation.



Birthright Israel is a unique, historical partnership between the people of Israel, the Israeli government, local Jewish communities (North American Jewish Federations, Keren Hayesod, and The Jewish Agency for Israel), and leading Jewish philanthropists. Birthright Israel provides a gift of peer-group, educational trips to Israel for Jewish young adults ages 18 to 32. This experience This experience is a journey through both Jewish history and the contemporary Jewish state. On Shorashim, North American participants are accompanied by Israelis their own age for the entire duration of the trip. The Birthright Israel journey is committed to a culture of open discussion and dialogue about all issues: identity, geopolitics, religion, and Jewish life.


Jewish National Fund supports Birthright Israel trips in conjunction with Shorashim. This is a  gift designed to offer an educational peer experience. As such, while the trip is available to young Jews all over the world and from various backgrounds, there are guidelines for eligibility



On trips with Jewish National Fund and Shorashim, Americans and Israelis always explore Israel, side-by-side, for the entire trip. These transformational, authentic journeys offer new perspectives, focusing on experiencing the culture, sites, scenes, variety of stories, and people of Israel, in the way that connects to participants. These adventures are made, not only but what participants see and experience but by the people they encounter and the close group formed. Shorashim offers a wide variety of trip dates and program options, so it is easy to find the experience for any eligible participant. Join the global community of more than 600,000 people from more than 67 countries who have experienced the adventure of Birthright Israel. 


Tu Bi'Shvat Accross Campus_JNF_345_195
In partnership with Alpha Epsilon Pi(AEPi) fraternity, Jewish National Fund distributes Tu BiShvat in a Box kits to AEPi chapters across the country for them to run Tu BiShvat seders in their chapter houses. JNF Campus Fellows table for Tu BiShvat and host "tree-raiser" events to fundraise for environment projects in Israel. (All campus)