President's Society Mission 2019

"The tour was very well planned and executed. It was an intellectually stimulating as well as emotionally fulfilling experience." --Gayle Rosenthal, Participant, Israel H20 Tour 2018


"This trip was life-changing for me, and it was a combination of the places we went, the speakers we heard, and especially the JNF staff and volunteers." --Dennis Stevens, Participant, Sunshine Tour 2018


“This was a very special trip for Judy and I. I started going to Israel when my son was bar mitzvahed 37 years ago and, with UJA Fed of New York, led many missions and was there for scud attacks by Iraq and by Lebanon, yet I truly found it an eye opener and different with JNF. My hats off to all involved.” --Paul Konigsberg, Participant, Spirit of Israel 2017


“The highest praise: You made it look easy!” --Eugene Goldstein, Participant, Spirit of Israel 2017


“I continue to be impressed with the organizational competence and deep commitment that JNF has for Israel, even in its help in developing the spirt of baseball in Israel.” --Sara Cannon, Participant, Spirit of Israel 2017


“It could not have been any better!!!! Don’t change anything. It was very informative and memorable, and we will urge our friends not to miss it!” --Neal Blaher, Bus Tour Participant


“The (JNF day) tour was extraordinary, and has left me revved and very motivated to speak for Jewish National Fund - JNF. Many things were special, but it was hard not to be moved to tears by the Indoor Recreation Center built for the children of ‎Sderot, for kids who can't go outside because of danger, yet are given this wonderful indoor park. Seeing the reservoirs ‪#‎JNF has built and realizing there are over 280 of them was eye-opening, putting into perspective JNF and Israel’s role in world- water technology. Guided by the superb guide Avinoam, whose beliefs in what he was showing us shone through, added up to a great day. Thank you so much for arranging this.” --Rabbi Joseph Telushkin, Bus Tour Participant


“It is always amazing to see the fantastic work of JNF first hand, and we feel blessed to have been welcomed in your world for a few days and experience Israel ‘JNF style’” --Ari Katz, Bus Tour Participant





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