Jewish National Fund‑USA is committed to running a healthy and safe in-person volunteer experience. The health and safety of trip participants is, and will always be, JNF‑USA’s top priority. We are monitoring Covid‑19 in Israel and possible travel restrictions, and will postpone the trip if necessary. In the event that the trip still occurs in Winter 2021, we will follow safety regulations set in place by Israel's Ministry of Health.


The safety and well-being of participants on our programs is our guiding principle and foremost concern. We operate our programs under extensive safety precautions and no effort is spared as it relates to the security of our participants, all while providing participants with a safe, meaningful, positive, and fun journey through Israel.


  • The government of Israel is devoted to the safety and security of visitors and citizens alike.
  • Our program is approved daily with the "situation room" administered by the Israeli Ministry of Education, Military, and Police. They issue specific guidelines as to where it is safe to travel and the best routes to use.
  • Changes in itinerary are made immediately if necessary (weather or security related).
  • First Aid professional accompanies the group at all times.
  • Public transportation is not allowed.
  • Groups travel with cellular phones and can be reached 24 hours a day.
  • A chartered bus with one bus driver remains with the group for the entire trip. Our drivers never leave their buses unattended or unlocked.
  • All participants have a security orientation upon arrival in Israel, which includes extensive travel safety tips and free time guidelines.
  • Participants will have time to shop and relax, but free time will only be permitted at structured, supervised times and locations.
  • Anyone who leaves the group without prior approval will immediately be removed from the program.

Contact Information

  • A 24-hour emergency number in Israel to use in the event of a family emergency or crisis at home will be sent to participants along with trip itineraries.
  • Both of our offices will be in regular contact with trip staff in Israel.


  • You are responsible for your own primary health insurance and making sure it covers you while you are abroad. While in Israel, Shorashim provides all participants with secondary medical insurance from an Israeli HMO. This insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions (including most psychological conditions) and does not cover you while you are in flight. If applicable, please inform us of what insurance you will be using to cover the pre-existing condition. This includes the insurance company, policy number, and phone number.
  • You must confirm that your medical insurance also covers you in Israel, as many plans do not. If you do not have medical insurance that covers you in Israel or you would like additional insurance for lost baggage or flight delay, a good option is through the Israeli insurer, CTAS. To order or get more information, go to their website.
  • Participants must indicate all medication currently prescribed, ongoing treatments, and any medical issues in your medical form.
  • All necessary medication should be brought for the entire trip along with a copy of the prescription.
  • The following treatments are available in the event of an illness or injury:
    • Basic first aid administered by medic accompanying the group.
    • Doctors are available to those who need additional care. These doctors can prescribe additional medication as appropriate and refer participants to specialists when necessary.
    • Should urgent medical care be required, participants will immediately be taken to an authorized clinic or to an emergency room. A staff member will accompany participants on any visits to doctors, clinics, or hospitals.