Get Social!

Social media provides you with a quick and easy way to broadcast your participation in Alternative Break to your entire network. Use these sample posts, cover photos and profile pics to help make your fundraising even easier!

  • Use the hash tags #JNFAWB21 #PoweredbyJNF.
  • Always include the url to your personal page.
  • Pictures and videos generate more likes and shares on Facebook!

Sample Posts

  • I'm kicking off my fundraising efforts for @JNFUSA to help continue developing the land of Israel for the next generation. Please support my efforts!
  • I'm on a mission to make a BIG impact for my @JNF Alternative Winter Break trip! Donate today and help me give back and get back to Israel.
  • I'm raising funds for @JNFUSA. Help me reach my goal!
  • My @JNF Alternative Winter Break trip is coming up and I’m raising money towards the project I am working on in Israel. Your support gets me there!

15 Tips for Fundraising Success

Try some of these tips to reach your fundraising goal!

  • Share your fundraising page through email and on FB, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram. Post updates as you near your goal.
  • Personalize your message so your friends and family understand the importance of this trip to you.
  • Host a car wash!
  • Collect money in a JNF Blue Box- it's free!
  • Plan a karaoke party for friends and charge admission.
  • Shovel snow to raise money.
  • Start a rewards system-- offer to bake a cake to reward donors who give over a certain amount, or write a poem in their honor.
  • Sell raffle tickets, and raffle off a home-made prize.
  • Ask your parents, grandparents, Aunts and Uncles.
  • Offer personalized rewards per donor- send a handwritten thank you note a postcard from Israel or more!
  • Hold a bake sale on campus.
  • Are you crafty? Make a handmade jewelry, paint canvases or knitted accessories and sell them!
  • Remind people that donations are fully tax-deductible and go directly to the service projects, not to paying for your trip.
  • Recruit some friends to go with you on Alternative Break. Team up and fundraise together!
  • Ask a local businesses (like a bagel store or frozen yogurt place) to help out by donating a percentage of all sales on a certain day to your team's trip. Make sure to tell your friends to stop by the store on that day!

Have an idea about fundraising you found successful or need some tips?
Email [email protected]