Can’t get to Israel? Let Israel come to you!
Jewish National Fund’s Virtual Travel & Tours Presents
Israel H20 - A Virtual Tour of Israel’s Water Solutions

This tour takes place Monday – Thursday

12:00 – 2:00 pm (ET) / 9:00 - 11:00 am (PT)

March 15 - 18, 2021


• JNF’s Virtual H2O Tour is a unique water focused tour of Israel with exclusive access to leading water technologies and experts

• Virtually meet top level speakers, researchers, and business leaders from various water authorities, Israeli companies, and with the multibillion-dollar water tech industry

• Learn about geopolitics, hydropolitics, and transboundary water management

• Explore the country’s natural water resources and how they are managed

• Visit reservoirs, wetlands, desalination plants, river restoration, water drilling sites, and more

• Thoroughly examine a country that has expertise in handling a severe water crisis, holds a world record in recycling waste water, and shares its expertise with the rest of the world


The cost for this weekly tour is $100 per Zoom spot. Invite your household to come along on the journey. Each registration includes two hours of touring (Monday – Thursday). Participants will be asked to consider a gift to JNF’s important work in Israel following the mission.



Marc Kelman, Rich Hacker, & Gayle Rosenthal

Talia Tzour Avner

Issy Herzog



Talia Tzour Avner
[email protected] or 212.879.9305 x249

Here’s what past tour participants have said about our H20 tours:

“[I] was blown away the first day, what a tour, what great people leading it, what an exceptional guide, what magnificent places to stay, what leaders in H2O that we met. You name it, we got it, program wise and accommodations. I cannot say enough good words about the tour.”
–Leonard Baker, Arizona – Israel H2O 2017

“The tour was very well planned and executed. It was an intellectually stimulating, as well as emotionally fulfilling experience.”
–Gayle Rosenthal, Austin, TX – Israel H2O 2018

"The Water Mission was truly amazing! We went from the North to the South to follow the entire path of how water goes from its source to the end user. Israel is truly the most technologically advanced country in the world for water use and can show the world how to successfully use water for the betterment of all societies."
-Debbie Meitin and Larry Gutter, Israel H2O 2019

“JNF’s Water Mission was educational, insightful, and fun. The trip was exceptionally well planned. We highly recommend seeing Israel through the lens of JNF. “
-Elyse and Larry Ingber, Israel H2O 2019