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In the JNF Kitchen: Hagit's super-easy banana ice cream

Photo: Anne Taillandier

This #RecipeOfTheWeek, like last week's, comes from the kitchen of Hagit Lidror, a chef who specializes in healthy vegetarian cuisine and teaches cooking classes at her home in Israel's Western Galilee. She's a member of JNF partner organization Western Galilee Now, a consortium of small businesses in the region. 

Here's how Hagit makes a healthy, one-ingredient ice cream. Have you made a JNF #RecipeOfTheWeek? Send a photo of your creation to or tweet it to @JNFUSA with the hashtag #JNFfoodie. We might share it!


Ripe bananas (each banana makes 2 servings, about 1 cup)
Finely chopped pecans
Maple syrup


Note: for this recipe, you will need a food processor (this is your magic wand). 

Freeze unpeeled bananas for at least a couple hours. Peel the bananas and chop them up any way you like. Puree them in a food processor -- this is where the magic happens, so you do not want to skimp on this step. Puree relentlessly -- do not waver -- until suddenly the consistency becomes a perfectly smooth, soft-serve ice cream texture. Transfer to an airtight container and freeze a couple hours until solid (you can eat the ice cream immediately, but it will be very soft).

Add a dash of maple syrup and sprinkle with the chopped pecans.

Other suggestions for toppings:
Cocoa power and cocoa chunks
Mint and parsley chiffon
Mini-cubes of frozen mango

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