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Modern miracle #PoweredByJNF: A new Napa Valley, tucked in the Galilee

The Western Galilee, located in Israel's north, is becoming a destination for lovers of good food. Really good food.

Sometimes a miracle is about helping people experience the magic that already exists close to home. As part of the
Jewish National Fund's Go North program, JNF is giving Israelis a reason to discover their own version of Napa Valley just a short drive from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. 

The Western Galilee, in the northern part of Israel, is nestled between Mount Meron and the Mediterranean Sea. Overflowing with history, culture, natural beauty, and stellar local produce, the region is a source of world-class wines, boutique cheeses, and gorgeous scenery. And it’s an easy day trip from just about anywhere in Israel.

Michal Shiloah Galnoor is executive director of Western Galilee Now, a new grassroots consortium made up of small tourism businesses and companies, such as local wineries and restaurants, that are joining forces to promote tourism in the Western Galilee. 

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As Michal puts it, "By partnering with Western Galilee Now, JNF-USA is helping to build the economy and community of the region, encouraging more people to settle and live here, and allowing businesses to thrive. JNF is ensuring that the next generations have a future in the region." 

From tasting delectable goat cheese, to sipping an award-winning cabernet sauvignon, or even dining in a kosher farm-to-table restaurant, the Western Galilee is emerging as a true gem for Israelis and tourists alike. A most delicious miracle, indeed.

Help more people and businesses in Israel's north thrive

Goat cheese, wine... it's all available in the north of Israel, an area that's fast becoming the country's own Napa Valley.