Jewish National Fund-USA Invites You To
Hal Linden’s 90th Birthday Party

Hal Linden

Friday, March 19, 2021

11:00am PT/ 2:00pm ET




Join us as we celebrate and share our love for Hal. Whether you know him as Barney Miller or “The Voice” of Jewish National Fund-USA, we all recognize the impact he has on his community and on the land and people of Israel.

We are excited to be honoring Hal with a Torah being written on top of Masada through our Be Inscribed program. Should you wish to take part in this meaningful tribute, please join us by purchasing a letter, word, verse, or more in his honor.

You May Honor Hal by Purchasing an Inscription in the Torah



Dedicate a word from the Torah in honor of Hal.

Each word is sacred and contains intrinsic meaning.



Dedicate a verse from the Torah in honor of Hal.

Be Inscribed in this eternal Torah text with a historically significant verse.



Dedicate a paragraph from the Torah in honor of Hal.

Memorialize this milestone with the eternal text of the Torah.



Dedicate a chapter from the Torah in honor of Hal.

From the binding of Isaac to the splitting of the sea,

there are many chapters with stories whose messages ring true today.


More Information

Sharon Joy, National Campaign Director

[email protected] or 323.964.1400 x810