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All across the country people are getting involved to help build a stronger, more secure and more prosperous Israel for the Jewish people everywhere. You can be a part!

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JNF Is a Lot More Than Trees


As part of the Beyond the Blue Box series, Jewish National Fund’s Atlanta Women for Israel presented an evening Jan. 16 at City Springs, “Start Up Nation: From Desert to Oasis.” Event co-chair Caryn Berzack welcomed the group and explained that the importance of water and recycling in Israel cannot be overestimated.

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Touring Israel from My Couch


After four exhaustive months in quarantine, wouldn’t it be nice to drop everything and be transported to another world in a time B.C. (before Covid-19)? What if today you could travel and explore Israel, make new friends, share stories and discover (or rediscover) that special place?

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