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All across the country people are getting involved to help build a stronger, more secure and more prosperous Israel.

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    JUN 27
    12:00 PM

    From Strength to Strength: Women's Resilience & Empowerment

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    NOV 14
    6:00 PM

    Global Conference 2024



Windy City Residents See Israel In A New Light

Windy City
Israel, the Holy Land, is a melting pot of religious and cultural influence that is both breathtakingly ancient and strikingly modern. From King Solomon and the Kingdom of Israel and Judea, to the Roman Empire, the Crusaders and the Ottoman Empire, Israel has been a vessel for some of history’s most profound civilizations.

From Footballs To Fields Of Dreams: How One Chicago Resident Impacted An Entire Kibbutz

On a visit in 2014 to a small kibbutz named Kerem Shalom located on the border of Gaza and Egypt during Operation Protective Edge, Jeff saw kids playing without basketballs or footballs, so he later came back with sports equipment for them and thus began what has become an incredible partnership and friendship.