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Covering 22% of Israel’s total land mass, Ramat HaNegev is located in the heart of the desert. The regional council is home to 15 diverse communities and over 8,000 residents. Some of Israel’s most advanced and impressive entities operate in Ramat HaNegev, including agri-tech, advanced renewable energy, the Institute for Desert Research, the International Agriculture Training Center, an innovative education lab, and more.


Join us to hear from two incredible council leaders about how these thriving communities achieve David Ben-Gurion’s vision of settling and developing the Negev.



Guest speaker


Eran Doron

Mayor of the Ramat HaNegev Regional Council

As mayor of Israel’s largest regional council, Eran Doron is devoted to strengthening, developing, and promoting the communities and settlements in Ramat HaNegev, including promoting the inclusion of the local Bedouin population into the region’s social fabric, as well as conserving the area’s environmental resources. Doron is also leading a new solar-energy valley in the Negev Desert, which is one of the largest renewable energy projects in the world.   


Daphna Cohen

Ramat HaNegev Resource Development Director

Daphna Cohen was appointed to her current position after successfully completing the establishment process of Ramat HaNegev's first regional high school, which opened in September 2019. Before moving to the Negev and joining the Ramat HaNegev Council, she decided to focus on the connection between Ramat HaNegev and its friends and partners overseas.

Event Chairs

Joan & Laurence Davis

Laurie Robinson Frankoff & Richard Frankoff

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