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With its core in Boston—the heart of the American Revolution—the New England & Capital Region team is working tirelessly to effect bold change in the land of Israel. Our leadership is comprised of community members in Greater Boston, Western Massachusetts & Connecticut, and the Capital Region of New York State.


Inspired by the legacy of Theodor Herzl and guided by an ambitious strategic roadmap, we see a bright, beautiful future for all who call Israel home. Just as the beginnings of a nation were built in this land, we will continue to support Israel, ensuring that it serves as a light unto the nations and make it the vibrant place it is and can be.  


Join us in this exciting endeavor!  


Contact us to attend an event or become involved with Jewish National Fund-USA as a volunteer. 

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Featured Stories

Boston Rabbis Deepen Roots With Israel


As synagogues and temples remain closed due to health prevention measures, Jewish congregations throughout New England are finding new ways to deepen their connection to the land and people of Israel.


Over the past month, Jewish National Fund-USA (JNF-USA) has partnered with hundreds of rabbis to support their tree-planting efforts in Israel. Rabbis from Orthodox, Conservative, Reform and Reconstructionist movements have participated in the tree-planting initiative to honor their congregants during this difficult time.

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An Open Letter to the Capital Region: Visit Israel!


In the age of social distancing, a trip to the local supermarket or park feels like a postcard worthy trip. Yet, despite the current limitations on movement, there will come a time when we will vacation beyond our shores once more. As we think about where we’ll get away, I call on our community to first come home and join me in committing to visit our homeland, Israel at jnf.org/commit.






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