Over 100 years ago, many knew Jewish National Fund for planting trees. Today, Jewish National Fund is still planting lush green forests, but the organization’s mission has grown to become so much more. JNF is a full partner with the people of Israel, investing in their future, engaging in a vision that is big, bold, complex, and unparalleled in its size and scope. You will learn how Jewish National Fund’s vision is embracing change and blazing a trail for the future.

Long Island Board of Directors

Larry H. Ingber, President
Bruce Azus ∙ Peter Blond ∙ Lyn Buzen ∙ Alan Chalup ∙ Lawrence Dolin
Mark F. Engel ∙ Joseph E. Fingerman ∙ Perry M. Finkelman ∙ Ronald Frank
Scott Goldberg ∙ Jeffrey Greener ∙ Jonah Gruda ∙ Ariel Grunberg
Stephen Hazelkorn ∙ Jerry Herz ∙ Aaron Jungreis ∙ Abraham Kaidanian
Michael Kessler ∙ Fred Komson ∙ Johnathan C. Lerner ∙ Richard Levine
David Levy ∙ Edward J. Miller ∙ Rubin S. Pikus ∙ Sharon M. Pikus
Martin Rosenman ∙ C. Glenn Schor ∙ Jeffrey S. Schwartz ∙ Larry Smith
David Sterling ∙ Michael Sussman ∙ Arnold M. Waldman


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