Jewish National Fund and Temple Dor Dorim Present

Remembering and Belonging:


Following in My Father’s Footsteps

With Special Guest Speaker Alon Wald

Head of Operations at Ammunition Hill

Young Adults at Ammunition Hill

Sunday, January 24, 2021

12:00 pm ET


Join us online to hear from the son of Captain Rami Wald, a war hero who fell on the first day of fighting during the battle to regain Jerusalem. Alon Wald was only 10-months old at the outbreak of the war and has spent much of his adult life trying to piece together the story of his father’s bravery. This journey is what led him to give a voice to those who fell in battle and share their untold stories with visitors to Ammunition Hill.

Featuring Guest Speaker


Alon Wald

Head of Operations at Ammunition Hill

Alon Wald is the Head of Operations at Ammunition Hill National Heritage Center, a facility supported by Jewish National Fund-USA, and the site that led to the reunification of Jerusalem in the Six-Day War. Wald served his country as an officer in several elite IDF units, the Israeli Secret Service (Shabak), and oversaw security operations at Israeli embassies.

Event Chairs

Lorelei & Dr. Robert Ennis

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