IsraelCast Episode 85

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Is COVID-19 causing a re-envisioning of the world order? In this week’s episode of IsraelCast, we welcome back Ambassador Ido Aharoni, who tackles this question and others. What is the virus’ impact on international collaboration? Why are 100,000 people trying to move to Israel in the next 18 months? How is the travel industry impacted? Listen now to this fascinating conversation.

Ambassador Ido Aharoni is a global distinguished professor at NYU school of International Relations. He’s a member of the International Advisory Council of APCO Worldwide and is known as the founder of the Brand Israel program, a marketing paradigm that is focusing on Israel’s assets and broadening public understanding of the country’s global contributions. He was a career public servant in Israel’s foreign ministry, and served as the longest serving Consul General of Israel in NY.

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