IsraelCast Episode 34

JNF Israel Podcast - IsraelCast Episode 35 - Musician, Director & Author, Oren Lavie

Episode 34 -This week on IsraelCast, JNF's premier Jewish podcast, comedian and lifelong Jewish educator Benji Lovitt joined us on the line to discuss the nuances of American Jewish humor, how creativity thrives in times of crisis, and the importance of knowing your audience. As an oleh (immigrant to Israel), Benji utilizes his unique perspective to analyze the complexities of Israeli “sabra” humor and its reflection on Israeli society, understanding it all within the larger context of the phrase “throughout our history, we Jews have laughed to keep from crying.”


Benji Lovitt is a comedian known for his “finger on the pulse” musings about life in Israel, and a keen ability to break down the differences between Israeli and Diaspora Jews. Benji regularly performs standup comedy and frequently organizes fun, inviting cultural programs for audiences in Israel, North America, and around the world. His perspectives on Israeli society have been featured on Israeli TV and radio, as well as in publications such as USA Today, Time Magazine, and The Jerusalem Post. Benji is a member of the ROI Community for Jewish leaders and is a regular presenter at Limmud conferences around the world. Click here to visit his website.


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