IsraelCast Episode 98

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Is Israel the new Silicon Valley? According to Elie Wurtman, yes it is. Coined The Man with the Golden Touch, Elie stays busy maintaining roles as an entrepreneur, wine maker, and devoted Zionist. Listen to his conversation with Steven Shalowitz as they discuss the venture capitalist landscape of Israel, the future of entrepreneurship in the younger generation, and building new relationships with the Gulf countries of the Middle East.

Elie Wurtman is a serial high-tech and social entrepreneur and venture capitalist. He is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of PICO- which stands for People, Ideas, Community and Opportunity - a unique platform which invests in both business and social entrepreneurs. Elie believes in leveraging success as a catalyst for social change to help his community, people and country. His passion for education and the economic development of Jerusalem motivated him to launch PICO Kids, which bridges the venture capital approach with social entrepreneurship.

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