IsraelCast Episode 36




Episode 36 - This week on IsraelCast, featured guest Naftali Aklum joins us on the line from his home in Be’er Sheva. Naftali was born in Ethiopia in 1979 and was among the first group of Jews to make Aliyah via Sudan. He works as an advocate for Ethiopian-Israelis, striving to raise awareness about Jewish-Ethiopian history and to strengthen Ethiopian-Israeli identity. He strongly believes that through education and self-confidence the Ethiopian community throughout Israel will flourish. Naftali discusses Ethiopian Jewish history, culture, and the unique challenges faced by the Ethiopian Jewish community living in Israel.

Naftali also describes the upcoming Hollywood movie The Red Sea Diving Resort, which is based on the true story of his brother, Ferede (z’’l), who championed Ethiopian migration to Jerusalem.


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