IsraelCast Episode 120

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Anti-Semitism, Anti-Israel, Anti-Zionism…what’s the difference? Is there a difference? This week on IsraelCast, author and educator Ben M. Freeman sits down with host Steven Shalowitz for an engaging conversation on Jewish pride. Tune in to hear about why Jewish people need to reject the shame of anti-Semitism imposed by the non-Jewish world and how to define your own Jewish identity through Jewish experiences, history, and values.

Ben Freeman is a Jewish leader, a Jewish thinker, and a Jewish educator. Born in Scotland, Ben is a gay Jewish author and internationally renowned educator focusing on Jewish identity, combating anti-Semitism and raising awareness of the Holocaust. His first book, Jewish Pride: Rebuilding a People, was released in February 2021. Currently based in Hong Kong, Ben now heads up the Humanities Team at an American International School and lectures on anti-Semitism at Hong Kong universities. Through his work, he aims to educate, inspire and empower both Jewish and non-Jewish people from all over the world.

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