IsraelCast Episode 91

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September 15, 2020 was a historic day for Israel and United Arab Emirates - signing a peace treaty normalizing their relations. This week on IsraelCast, Steven Shalowitz welcomed on Lior Haiat, the Israel Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, who was part of the official delegation that visited the UAE for this momentous event. Listen to Lior speak about the visit and what this means for the future of the Middle East.

Lior Haiat is the Spokesperson of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Head of the Press Bureau. He joined the Israeli MFA in 2001 and served as spokesperson of the Israeli embassies in Buenos Aires and Madrid and as Consul General in Miami. Among his positions in the MFA headquarters, Lior served as Director for Central America and the Caribbean islands and as Deputy Spokesperson of the MFA. He holds a BA in economics and communication from Tel Aviv University and an MA in Public Policy from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Lior is married to Hani and they have 3 kids.

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