IsraelCast Episode 194

Molly Livingstone

Among everything else, Israel’s startup sector was heavily impacted by the October 7 terrorist attacks. Between inflation and Israeli protests, the attacks and subsequent war have been another setback in a series of extreme challenges for Israel’s entrepreneurs. Yet, the spirit of Israel perseveres, and its changemakers have continued to grow and thrive in this trying landscape. Host Steven Shalowitz sits down with Molly Livingstone, who operates at the heart of Israel’s innovation sector, to discuss how the attacks impacted Israel’s startup industry, how Israel’s innovators have responded, and several of her favorite ventures that she is a part of.

Molly Livingstone works in Israel’s innovation sector, connecting Israeli startups and entrepreneurs with the global community, creating relationships, and consulting on deal flow. She has supported and led marketing, communications, and creative direction in a wide variety of startups including food-tech, artificial intelligence, and sustainability projects. A standup and improv comedian, Livingstone founded the English-speaking comedy troupe Hahafuch. As well as performing, consulting, and strategizing, she teaches improvisation workshops to organizations, universities, and startups throughout Israel and around the world.

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