IsraelCast Episode 35

JNF Israel Podcast - IsraelCast Episode 35 - Musician, Director & Author, Oren Lavie


Episode 35 - This week on  IsraelCast, JNF's premier podcast, critically acclaimed musician, director, and author Oren Lavie joins us on the line from his home in Tel Aviv. Oren, a Grammy-nominated artist, discusses the significance of being an Israeli artist, his career trajectory, and the "storytelling" aspect of art that is most important to him.


The Tel Aviv-born Lavie grew up in Israel and has lived in both Europe and the U.S.  His debut album, "The Opposite Side of the Sea" was released worldwide to critical acclaim in 2008 with the music video for "Her Morning Elegance" nominated for a Grammy and becoming a YouTube hit with over 33 million views to date. He won the prestigious ASCAP award for his lyrics on the album. Lavie's second album, "Bedroom Crimes", was released in 2017 and includes the single "Did You Really Say No" featuring French actress/singer, Vanessa Paradis.


His video for "Second Hand Lovers" won for best concept at the recent Berlin Film Festival, Best Music Video at this year's SXSW festival and the Young Director's Award (YDA) at this year's Cannes Film Festival.


As an author, Lavie's children's book, "The Bear Who Wasn't There," has been translated into numerous languages and has been published worldwide to rave reviews. His second children's book, "Children's Book of Silence," is now available in Hebrew and will soon be translated into English.


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